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HimiHead Sauce Philosophy

Thank you for allowing us to take your taste buds on an endless journey to food satisfaction. At HimiHead we believe a true hot sauce does not just cover your food in heat all the while stealing away the unique flavors of your dish. Our sauces are carefully crafted with fresh cayenne and habanero peppers and organic spices (kosher certified) guaranteeing an infusion of fresh, spicy enhanced flavor sealed with smooth heat. HimiHead has been proving since 2003 that pleasing your palate does not mean sacrificing your desire for flavorful heat that makes each bite deliciously pleasurable. This is why the foundation of our sauces is the cayenne pepper, which continues to be connected with a multitude of benefits to you including versatility in flavor, heat and various suggestions of improved body health. HimiHead provides their customers the highest quality of sauces giving you a gluten-free, filler free, zero calorie product.

We are a family owned company that takes great pride in every smile we put on a customer’s face and we thank you immensely for the opportunity.

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